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how to order

see other baskets

Brazil: basketry
Baniwa indians
code M3081G

US$ 30,00


see other bowls

Brazil: basketry
Yanomami indians
code M1120E

US$ 47,00


see other carrier baskets

Brazil: basketry
Carrier Basket
Waimiri-Atroari indians
code M1307G

US$ 100,00


see other food processing devices

Brazil: basketry
Sateré-Mawé indians
code M1810C

US$ 28,00

see other storage baskets

Brazil: basketry
Storage Basket
Kanamari indians
code M1400A

US$ 94,00

see other miscellaneous

Brazil: basketry
Mehinaku indians
code M0559D

US$ 28,00

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